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Denial of Dalit Agency in V.S. Pamar's Bap Nu Barmu
Chet Raj Binadi
1 - 5
Impact of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in the Nepalese Commercial Banks
Chhemanand Joshi
6 - 17
A Critical Discourse Analysis of Interdiscursivity: McCormick’s Novel Sold
Dipak Raj Joshi
18 - 23
Perception of Consumer Rights among the College Students: A Case of Tikapur Municipality
Dhavindra Rawal
24 - 31
Impact Of Government Expenditure In Economic Growth Of Nepal: ARDL Approach
Keshar Bahadur Kunwar
32 - 39
Sustainable Tourism Appliance in Destinations: An Overview of Ghodaghodi Lake Area in Far west Nepal
Dr Pranil Kumar Upadhayaya
40 - 50
Critiquing Anthropocentrism in Henry Ole Kulet’s Vanishing Herds
Puspa Raj Jaishi
51 - 54
Impact of Stock Market-Specific And Macro-Economic Variables On Stock Return
Shiv Raj Sapkota
55 - 65
Trauma as Metairony: Shocks of the Acting out in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah
T.S. Bhubaneswari
66 - 70