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Negotiating pathways for the continuation of chhaupadi system in remote parts of Nepal
Aina Bahadur Bam
1 - 12
Phonological study of the Sonaha language
Anil Dutt Chaudhary
13 - 31
An analysis of unofficial sanction of India from neo-colonialism perspective
Bhuwaneswor Pant
32 - 43
Effectiveness of GeoGebra in teaching school mathematics
Bir Bahadur Chalaune
44 - 56
Politics of affect in Train to Pakistan and Tamas
Dipak Raj Joshi
57 - 73
Money supply and economic growth of Nepal: ARDL approach
Keshar Bahadur Kunwar
74 - 92
Influences of parental socio-economic status on academic achievement: A case study of rural communities in Kailali, Nepal
Khagendra Raj Pant
93 - 107
Significant accomplishment of the post-disaster housing reconstruction: A community perspective from 2015 earthquake affected communities in Nepal
Mukti Suvedi
108 - 126
An analysis of major environmental threats to human security in Nepal
Naresh Bhakta Adhikari
127 - 137
Socio-cultural, organizational factor and career development of female employees: A study on school teachers
Sarita Marjan
138 - 150
Economic dimension of India’s foreign policy towards Russia: Late 20th- early 21st century
Sayedur Rahman
151 - 171
Impact of epidemic infectious disease and death on stock returns: Evidences from Asian stock markets with COVID-19
Shiv Raj Sapkota
172 - 189